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Why is this research study being done?

“Mobilizing RVTs is a game-changer for vet med! RVTs utilize their full potential, and you leave Becky’s course feeling like you can achieve anything.” ~ Previous participant

  1. The more RVTs who complete this program, the more vet med will benefit.
  2. To support wider dissemination of the program, an evidence base of empirical data is needed, which is where this University of Guelph research study comes in.
  3. By participating in the study, you can help us gauge the growth and maintenance of program participants’ clinical communication skills over time, as well as other important impacts of value to the profession.
  4. With this formal evidence base built by RVTs like you, we anticipate that more veterinary clinics across Canada will give their RVTs the opportunity to receive the Mobilizing RVTs program training.

What is involved
in the study?

  1. Respond to online survey at 3 points in time.
  2. Survey takes 20 to 25 minutes to complete.
  3. All survey responses are confidential.
  4. There are no right or wrong answers to survey items.
  5. Starbucks gift card + prize draw.

Who can participate in the study?

Everyone who is registered in the Mobilizing RVTs program is welcome to participate in this research study. This study has been approved by the University of Guelph Research Ethics Board for compliance with federal guidelines for research involving human participants (REB#23-08-023), and is funded through the VCA Canada Chair in Relationship-Centred Veterinary Medicine, held by Dr. Jason Coe.

Researcher contact information

If you would like to discuss the study before participating, please contact the University of Guelph researchers:
Dr. Kirsten Blokland at, or Dr. Jason Coe at

Dr. Kirsten Blokland (she/her)
PhD, Research Staff
Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph
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Dr. Jason Coe (he/him)
DVM, PhD, Principal Investigator
Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph
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Frequently-asked questions

Q: Is the study survey done on my own time?
A: Yes. The online survey will be available for you to complete on your own time, in privacy.

Q: When would I complete the survey?
A: At three time-points: (1) prior to the Mobilizing RVTs program, (2) 1 week after the program, and (3) at follow-up 2 months later.

Q: What if I complete the survey prior to the Mobilizing RVTs program but I don’t want to do one or both of the later surveys?
A: While participation at all three time-points would be maximally beneficial for fully assessing the impact of Mobilizing RVTs, the choice is yours. Completion of the pre-program survey plus one of the later surveys would also be valuable to the research process.

Q: If I choose not to do the pre-program survey, can I still complete one of the later surveys?
A: No. Unfortunately, data collected from the later surveys is only useful if we have data from the pre-program survey to compare it to.

Q: What kinds of questions are in the survey?
A: The survey asks about your perspective regarding the following things: confidence about clinical communication skills, professional quality of life, well-being in the workplace, team effectiveness, job satisfaction, and commitment to continuing to work at your current veterinary practice or within the field in general. It’s okay to skip any questions you’d rather not answer.

Q: Will BS Communication Strategies know if I participate?
A: No. Participation status and individual survey responses will be held in confidence by the research team from the University of Guelph. The researchers will, however, provide a summary of the study’s findings to BS Communication Strategies, containing anonymous, averaged/pooled survey responses, to support ongoing development of Mobilizing RVTs.

Q: I’d like to participate in the study. How do I access the survey?
A: Great! Just click on the yellow START STUDY HERE button above.

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