A human hand with pointer finger outstretched toward the paw of a black cat, in a nod to Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel painting called "The Creation of Adam", where God and Adam reach their fingers toward each other.

Questions about the RCVM@OVC program?
Looking to join our lab?

RCVM@OVC team members pose for a group portrait at the Arboretum at the University of Guelph

We are not actively recruiting new team members at this time. 

However, please feel free to submit your CV and statement of interest at any time, to rcvm@uoguelph.ca, for future possibilities.

“I am glad to have found a team that promotes well-being, communication, and work/life balance, and that helps me achieve my goals!”

Rosalie Fortin-Choquette, MA, PhD Candidate

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  • RCVM@OVC team walking through a wooded area of the Arboretum at the University of Guelph.
  • Quote by Dr. Natasha Janke that says, “Being a part of RCVM@OVC has given me the opportunity to grow as a researcher. Pursuing research that I am passionate about and working with others who share an interest in helping the veterinary profession is very fulfilling.”
  • RCVM@OVC team member Kat holding her dog, Bella, on her lap.
  • Young woman walks next to her horse as they gaze at each other.
  • Abby pats her pet pig, Wilson, on the grass during an autumn day.
  • Quote from Dr. Kat Sutherland that says "I love being here and think RCVM@OVC is an amazing group of people."
  • A black cat next to a tricolour dog, who are posing together for a professional portrait.
  • Child and white puppy cuddling. Child is smiling at her puppy.
  • Rosalie caring for 3 horses in a field.
  • Quote that says, “The more we get together around shared goals, shared knowledge, mutual respect, and frequent, timely, and accurate communication, the happier a veterinary team will be.” Dr. Jason Coe, DVM, PhD
  • Baby Howie the cat at the vet's office, looking at a bird in a cage.
  • RCVM@OVC alumna and veterinarian, Judy, cuddling a rabbit at the Toronto Humane Society
  • Kirsten & her pup, Ivy, at The Wooly Pub in Guelph

“The RCVM@OVC team, led by Dr. Jason Coe, is all about ‘CoeLaboration’.”
Dr. Kirsten Blokland, PhD