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Founded by Dr. Jason Coe at the University of Guelph, the RCVM@OVC research program is anchored in the relationships that lie at the foundation of veterinary medicine. The research program is currently supported by and made possible through the VCA Canada Chair in Relationship-Centred Veterinary Medicine.

The goal of this research is to leverage aspects of these relationships to promote optimal outcomes, contributing to the prospect of positive change for veterinary teams and the clients and animals they serve, internationally.

  • RCVM@OVC team posing for a group portrait, sitting on a log in a wooded area of the Arboretum at the University of Guelph.
  • Person snuggling with cat.
  • Quote: “The foundation of the veterinary profession is relationships.” Dr. Jason Coe, DVM, PhD
  • Two vets doing surgery.
  • Cute small dog walking on a leash with two humans in a forest.
  • Quote that says, “Establishing an understanding of the current state of relationships in veterinary medicine is an integral step in creating evidence-based best practices and supporting positive outcomes for veterinary professionals, clients, and pets.” Dr. Kat Sutherland, PhD
  • Person hugging a horse.
  • Boy and cat snuggle close together on floor.
  • Quote that says, “A relationship-centred approach is the gateway to providing accessible care. With client involvement and veterinary team know-how, the patient gets the best life-long care from available options in the veterinary field.” Catherine Groves, MSc, PhD Candidate
Textbook by Drs. Coe and Shaw
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“The foundation of the veterinary profession is relationships — between the client and the animal, between the client and members of the veterinary team, and between veterinary team members. Communication and relationships cross everything we do.”
Dr. Jason Coe, DVM, PhD